1 – Of Course Aliens Did It

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Our weekly challenge was to create a fictional short story about a person who wakes up one day to find that all media has vanished. We were only allowed to use active sentences of a maximum of 7 words.  

I get out of bed feeling groggy. It’s later than normal. My eyes don’t want to open. My alarm clearly didn’t go off. My phone is dead. I plug it into the charger. My god, I’m hungry. I really want some bacon and eggs.

I walk to the bathroom. I flick the light switch. Nothing happens. The power is out. That’s awesome. I guess I’m not having my breakfast. I squeeze some toothpaste on my toothbrush. I need a new toothbrush. This one looks and tastes old. After I brush, I change. I throw on my lucky underwear. I’ve worn them for three days now. They’re still clean. At least I hope so.

An hour passes. The microwave beeps. The power is back on. It’s too late for breakfast now. I guess I’ll watch TV. It isn’t working for some reason. I click through the channels. They are all static. Now I’m pissed off. I didn’t wear lucky undies for this. I decide to go for a walk. Maybe my neighbor’s TV works.

My neighbor Larry is batshit crazy. He is obsessed with alien abduction. The guy should wear a tinfoil hat. He’s pacing outside on his lawn. Panicked, he runs over to me. I tell him my TV is broken. He tells me aliens took everything. I hoped for a different response. I ask him what the aliens took. He says they took all the media. Well, that explains my TV issues. I realize this is a waste of time.

As I leave, Larry grabs my arm. He points to the sky. Of course there’s a spaceship. Clearly, this lucky underwear isn’t that lucky.


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