4 – “Red River Collage”

blog-post-4-titleI’ve survived a whole month of Creative Communications. Damn I’m good… Just kidding. I’ve enjoyed almost every minute so far, and now it’s time for a review.

In week 2, I got my first auto fail. I was pissed. Well, not like pissed pissed, just disappointed in myself. I went to university dammit. I’m supposed to be a smart cookie! Of course I would spell the name of my school wrong. I spelt “Red River Collage” on my first PR assignment. It’s the kind of mistake the teacher tells you some poor student makes every year and the whole class laughs because who would be stupid enough to do that. Welp, this guy would be. I didn’t let it upset me for long and I guess it could have been worse. I could have mixed up their and there or it’s and its (I realize that you can’t mix up those words out of context). I could have dated the paper Thursday, September 8nd or even spelt my name Chris Darbis. Nope, it was “Red River Collage” for me. So, for the sake of redemption, this blog post will be a Red River collage of my time at Red River College so far.

Week 1 taught me to hate clichés and syllabuses. I was naive. How was I supposed to know that Joanne was going to write “who cares” my first journalism, what the heck ISO was, or how long I could function on 4 hours of sleep. I still owned my lens cap, my external hard drive was a virgin, and I saw my friends every day. In Joanne’s defense, my first assignment was the worst. Sometimes I read it just to check my ego. Unfortunately, the good old days of syllabus reading paved the way for a new age of stress induced eating, stress induced pimples, and stress induced stress of getting an auto fail.

In week 2, I used an agenda for the first time in my life. I would bet that I have 10+ agendas kicking around somewhere at my parent’s house. I always threw them out because I thought I was an organized person. It wasn’t until university that I found any use for one at all. I was sitting in first-year bio and saw a Domino’s (instinctually check spelling on Domino’s website to avoid auto fail) coupon in the back of the agenda. It was for a free medium pizza. Finally, someone realized I didn’t want an organized life, I just wanted some free cheese. I’ve checked for any coupons in this my RRC agenda but no such luck. I guess I’ll just have to use it for its intended purpose of keeping me on track.

Week 3 taught me what prepositional phrases were. I learnt about prepositional phrases on Monday. In my apartment on Tuesday, I did my prepositional phrases homework, in the exercise booklet, that was in my backpack, that I took off my back, once I was in my home and safe from danger outside my home. Try sentence diagraming that bad boy. That was prepositional as hell.

Here we are in week 4 and I GET TO BE ON THE RADIO! Every Saturday, you can hear this guy from 9 a.m. until noon on Red River Radio. I thought it would be the easiest thing ever because it’s just talking into a microphone, right? No. When I played my first recording back, I must have said “umm” thirty times in a minute. I was going for a casual delivery, which turned into the Red River Radio equivalent of on-air Porky Pig. Ble-ble-er-er you’re listening to… um, Red River Radio… um.









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