7 – What Makes Front Page News?

This weeks blog challenge is to decide why a front page newspaper article desrerves that glorious spot for all too see! 

Big news came out of city hall this week after Mayor Brian Bowman removed 2 council members from his executive policy committee (EPC) after they voted against his new development fees.

Aldo Santin’s article “Mayor bounces dissidents from cabinet” appears on the cover of the Friday, October 28, 2016 edition of the Winnipeg Free Press.

No matter how you look at it, the mayor kicked 2 prominent council members out of his inner circle right after they voted against him. It just sounds fishy and things that sound fishy make for discussion board dreams.

Sure, Bowman’s is quoted as saying the decision had nothing to do with the vote, but Winnipeg Free Press knows suggesting it did will grab people’s attention and get them to comment on the article and start a dialogue.

The article is local, it features Winnipeg’s most prominent politician, and it raises the concern about possible corruption in city hall. It’s a news pie just waiting to be baked. All that possibility makes this story worthy of the front page.

Santin is careful how he includes both sides of the story. He quotes Bowman and the two booted council memebers, Coun. Jeff Browaty and Coun. Janice Lukes. The quotes are the meat of the article and say all of the things that Santin, as a journalist, shouldn’t say himself. Both council members seem upset about getting kicked out of the EPC and are quick to admit they didn’t agree with several of the mayor’s ideas. The quotes do the work for the journalist and the reader because they frame the story.

The article is also newsworthy because Bowman’s development fees have grabbed headlines lately. Many developers are lobbying against the city and even threatening legal action. This story continues the narrative and offers new information.

Now the story is out there and we just get to kick back and see if people take the bait.

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