Time to take a look at the South Korean drama Heirs, which aired on SBS (Seoul Broadcasting Network) in 2015.

Watch Heirs: http://www.dramafever.com/drama/4274/1/Heirs/


It starts with a weird montage of Disney and universal studios. Then, three people are surfing. I have no idea where this show is set in.

Oh okay, it’s in America.

It gets deep really fast. The main character was sent to America by his rich family, but he got kicked out of school. It doesn’t look like he really cares about what his family thinks.

It cuts to a dorm room where a guy is throwing a baseball at a younger kid. After a while of taunting the kid, he lets the kid throw the baseball at him. He misses, and then two other guys come an beat him up. I think we’ve just met the antagonist…

Now, the bully is buying a dirt bike. While he’s looking at it, a girl comes and delivers chicken to the shop workers. They start teasing her, AND SHE CALLS THE COPS! That’s awesome. I didn’t know the chicken delivery service was so intense.

Solid interlude music.

Oh wait, they’re in Seoul now. I guess it jumps back and forth.

The same girl (Eun Sang) who was delivering chicken is working at a coffee shop. When she sits down to talk to a guy (Chan Young), his girlfriend walks in and reams her out for flirting with him even though she obviously wasn’t. She had a fire comeback though.

Girlfriend: I told you to stop flirting with my boyfriend.

Girl: Do I look that pretty to you?

Girlfriend: I didn’t say you were pretty!

Girl: No, you didn’t, so stop wasting my time. Are you going to order or leave?

Money is definitely a central theme. The girlfriend is mad that he would even talk to a poor girl.

It cuts to two servants serving a woman dinner in a mansion. The woman, who I think is the guy from the very beginning’s mother, is drinking wine. A maid tells her that her son is home, and she quickly hides the wine glass before her son walks in.

The table of beautiful food cuts to a smaller table where Eun Sang is sitting. Her mother is one of the servants from earlier. I think her mother is deaf.

Eun Sang’s sister, who lives in America, is getting married. Her mom want’s to send money for her, but Eun Sang doesn’t want her to.

The bully from earlier and his father are having dinner with a lady, who I think is marrying his father, and her daughter. He say’s something and his dad SLAPS HIM ACROSS THE FACE. Anytime this guy is around, money seems to be the central issue.

It cuts to Eun Sang working another job (dishwashing). She gets her paycheck and reveals to her boss that she’s going to America for her sister’s wedding and never coming back.

That’s where I leave you… Eun Sang is about to tell her mom that she’s going to America.

I was commenting on entire episodes, but I don’t want to ruin the endings for everyone else. If you want to know what happens to Eun Sang, watch Heirs.


Honestly, Heirs is a really interesting show. While it’s considered a romantic comedy, it pretty serious and even the first episode drops a lot of plot on the table. Since I couldn’t find a version without subtitles, it was an easy watch.

Like I’ve been finding with a lot of foreign dramas, the entire show is only 20 episodes long. I’m highly recommending it as a binge watch. The production quality is awesome, and the story is genuinely different.


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