I enjoyed Heirs so much that I wanted to watch one more show from South Korea before I move onto another country.

You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin is a popular South Korean comedy that aired on KBS (Korean Broadcasting System)  back in 2013. Spanning 50 episodes, it follows a girl who’s been coddled for most of her life and is the least successful member of her family.

Watch You’re the Best, Le Soon Shin: https://www.dramafever.com/drama/4250/1/You’re_the_Best,_Lee_Soon_Shin/


Seven ladies are sitting around a table having lunch. One jokes to another that her rich son-in-law probably gives her a ton of money. That’s some outspoken nonsense to say over lunch. Nobody seems phased and they all laugh.

Oh dang, she’s actually bragging about her kids now. Both her daughters are successful… oh except for her youngest daughter Soon Shin.

It’s easy to notice this show is shot more like an American soap opera. It looks lower quality, but not in a distracting way.

It cuts to Soon Shin in a job interview. She bombs it.

The next few minutes introduces a guy who works/potentially owns a talent agency and a movie star (Mrs. Song).

It cuts back to Soon Shin, who’s still walking home in the rain. She spots a boy (Chan Woo), who I think she has a crush on. He was recently discharged from the army.

He takes her back to his parents’ restaurant, but his mother stops them before they go inside. Soon Shin’s sister (Yoo Shin) is wasted with some guy in a booth. Chan Woo carries her home on his back. Soon Shin’s mom catches them coming into the house and they take Yoo Shin to her bedroom.

The talent agency guy is sitting in a restaurant on a date with a woman. Oh no, he’s an asshole. He said he’s dated every girl he went to college with and that this lady will be the 99th doctor he’s dated. WOW. Okay, he’s a celebrity. Before he walks out on the date, he hands her a business card and says she should update her wardrobe.

He gets home and his dad calls him into my office. His father calls him a disgrace for being so disrespectful to the girl. His father is a doctor and doesn’t approve of his son’s lifestyle.

Back to Soon Shin and her mom. Her mom tells her that he sister is moving home. Welp, her grandma is a savage. She walks into the kitchen and starts ripping on Soon Shin.

Granny Savage: How come you still can’t get a job and mooch off your parents? Why can’t you be more like your sisters?

Someone give this lady a couple Tylenol to calm her down.

Soon Shin’s mom tries to defend her, but granny isn’t backing down.

Soon Shin’s sister comes downstairs with the blazer Soon Shin wore to her interview. Apparently, it’s ruined. Also, she bought it on a 6-month installment plan… WHAT KIND OF BLAZER TAKES 6-MONTHS TO PAY FOR. DAMN YOO SHIN!

Her dad comes in and calms everyone down. Granny tries to rile everyone up again, but dad isn’t letting it happen. Soon Shin runs away.

SOON SHIN GOT A JOB! YAYYYYY. It’s part-time at a hotel, but it’s something.

She starts serving at a press conference for Mrs. Song. It’s revealed that the celebrity guy (Mr. Shin) is working with her. He owns a talent company.

OH NOOOO. As Mr. Shin is leaving the conference, Soon Shin spills a tray of food all over him and trips him. He deserved that big time.

The perfect cliff-hanger ending. Except it’s not the ending, it’s just half way. If you want to find out what happens to Soon Shin, watch the episode.


This show is refreshing. Unlike a lot of North American comedies, this show didn’t focus on gimmicky jokes and easy laughs. The comedy was subtle and complimented dialogue and plot.

If anything keeps me watching the show, it will be the satisfaction of seeing awful things happen to Mr. Shin. Also, I want to see more of Soon Shin’s granny. She’s crazy and I love her.



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