Good Luck!! is a 10-episode long Japanese drama that aired in 2003. It revolves around a co-pilot who is training to become a pilot. While it’s classified as a drama, Japanese dramas tend to include comedy. I WANT TO LAUGH.

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It starts with a guy laying on a beach. I think he fell asleep studying for something.

Oh, he’s a pilot who’s late for his flight.

Some guy on the plane is trying to smoke and two flight attendants are practically holding… Oh wait he’s a flight attendant and he’s training the other flight attendants on what to do if someone were to smoke on a flight. Weird.

Okay, so the beach guy (Shinkai) is the co-pilot and he straight up left his captain (Mizushima) back at the hotel. After he goes to grab Mizushima, they return to the plane and get ready for takeoff.

OH NO. I think the pilot just died.

Oh wait, it’s just back pain. But he can’t land the plane. Shinkai is doing it solo.


When Shinkai gets off the plane, a mechanic (Ogawa) calls him out for a crappy emergency landing (seems kind of rude).

Shinkai is getting audited. He gets ripped apart for his bad landing. I don’t understand planes, so maybe even a little mistake is a huge deal. There are a lot of lives at stake…

After he leaves the meeting, he goes for dinner with one of the flight attendants. The guy who audited him is a top pilot for the company (ANA). He is ridiculously strict and fires flight attendants if they get even one complaint. Geeeeeez, I didn’t know the flight game was so crazy.

Shinkai gets a new captain who hates him. He thinks he is undisciplined and doesn’t understand that co-pilots are just there to make captains’ lives easier.

Before their flight, Shinkai finds a feather in one of the engines. He challenges Ogawa and demands another engine inspection. She refuses until he eventually forces her to do so. It turns out it was nothing and all he did was hurt Ogawa’s pride and get her in trouble for fighting with a pilot.

Time jumps really weirdly in this show. I’m a little bit lost.

The next day, Mizushima reveals that his next flight will be his last.

Then, I think it’s the same day still, Shinkai goes to a sushi restaurant and spots Ogawa pounding back sushi like there’s no tomorrow.

He sits next to her and tried to talk to her. They talk about why he became a pilot and why she became a mechanic. They bond and he realizes that her job is just as important as his. Emotional.

DAMNNNNN. Audit Guy is doing a ride along with Mizushima and Shinkai.

Once they get in the sky, they find out LAX is on fire. They tell the passengers that they are turning around, and an old guy starts to erupt. If he doesn’t get to L.A., his company will lose an important deal and collapse.

Audit Guy tells Mizushima and Shinkai to stay in the cabin, but Shinkai doesn’t listen. He goes in and shuts the guy right up. The old fart sits back down and the plane lands safely.

Awwwwwwwww, Mizushima tells Shinkai that he’ll be a great captain.

When Shinkai gets back to the terminal, Audit Guy gives him a week probation. Shinkai runs after Audit Guy as he walks away and grabs him by the collar.



I’m chalking this up with Heirs as a potential favourite. It was interesting from start to finish, and I really want to find out what happens to Shinkai.

I’ve tried watching shows about flight crews before, but I like this a lot more. I think because it focuses mostly on one main character instead of a whole crew.

Plus, it’s only 10 episodes long and makes for a good binge watch.


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