Generations is a South African soap opera that started in 1994. In 2014, the show was on a hiatus when 16 of the show’s actors were fired following a strike. Despite backlash from fans, the network revamped the show and aired “Generations: The Legacy” a month after the whole debacle. The show airs weekdays on SABC 1.

Watch Generations: The Legacy here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLChNQFf_4APRipHVRmB0EBl_dxwSJPmIU


I am very sad to admit that I assumed this would be in English. I’M AN UNCULTURED SWINE. I am now aware that the official language of South Africa is Afrikaans, a language with Dutch origins.

Let’s begin.

A guy bought a lady a black cat. She’s offended that he thinks she’s a witch.

This show is shot exactly like North American Soap operas. You can tell all locations are sets based on the lighting and video quality.

Now we’re in a hospital – oh god, the cuts are so fast. It jumped to some crime lord making a threat and then to two people arguing in an office.

Okay, hold up. Some people are speaking English now. But not all of the time. They say a sentence or two in English and then jump back and forth.

JESUS. Okay now we’re at a theme song. Maybe it was moving so fast because it was a recap.

Yes, it was a recap.

I’ve never been so thrown off by language. Normally, I either have subtitles and understand or don’t have subtitles and have no clue what’s going on. But this feels like I’m getting hints as to what’s going on, but I still have no freaking clue what’s happening.

Right now, two people are talking. I think the woman got beat up by this guy’s roommate. She wants to get a restraining order.

It cuts to a hospital where a woman is having a nightmare. She wakes up when someone strangles her in the dream. I think she ended up here after getting attacked.

Maybe the crime lord guy isn’t a crime lord. I think he’s just a shady businessman. Still a bad dude.

So the lady who’s in the hospital was attacked by a rapist, who got castrated in prison. Interesting. Yep, some rapists are castrated in Africa.

Sorry, I missed a bit of the episode looking up if you could actually be castrated in Africa.

DAMN, the guy who attacked the woman in the hospital sent flowers to her with a threating card.

The guy, Thabiso, is trying to flee the city. He phones a friend who tries to trick him into meeting up with him. Thabiso catches on.



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