Autokorrect. Radio: 4

Last May, I went on a solo trip to the east coast. After spending a few days in Halifax, I decided to rent a car and drive to Cape Breton for the weekend. It was about a four-hour drive, and I made a huge playlist before I left because I knew I wouldn’t get any service once I got there.

As lonely as I was, I had some time to reflect and to really appreciate life without cell phone reception. After a few hours, I didn’t worry about what people were doing, who they were with, or what senseless crap they were posting.  I had a limited number of songs to listen to and these are a few of my faves from the weekend.

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Genres: alternative, alt. rock, indie rock


Autokorrect. Radio: 3

It’s the first week of semester 2, so it’s back to my little think tank world of CreComm. I always listen to alternative music when I need a creative boost. So, here’s a playlist to get your ideas flowing and whatever else needs to be flow flowing. Without further ado, Autokorrect. Radio: 3.

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Genres: alternative, alt. rock, indie rock